Ever watched something so beautiful it’s like the programmer reached out and kicked you in the testicles? Ever turned to your couch partner to lay a vent-tsunami on him only to find him passed out in his Pringles? Well here’s a place to lay your impotent rage and share in ours.

Rules of Engagement:

1) All shows and their characters/contestants are fair game regardless of their theme, ethnicity, religion, age, Body Mass Index or IQ.

2) We will post on certain shows regularly, but will also post on random episodes of certain shows and/or commercials, depending on how well they annoy us or how many casks Rico has chewed the bottom out of.

3) We don’t care if the American, English, Siberian version of the show is better. Chances are it would still make me want to rip off my head and shit down my own neck and Rico drive to a trailer park and make love to a heavily tattooed woman.

And finally;

These posts are written by a snarky whore and a man who wishes he’d put a ring on a flagon of port. If you are looking for subtle political commentary or humour that doesn’t make regular reference to anuses, ballsacks and deep-throat (in a television context of course) go elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you enjoy a foul tongue and have always wanted to stop a person in the street and ask if their breath would like a side of condom – welcome home.

xo Flawless


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