MKR Breaking News: Jac and Shaz Walk Out Over Finale Fakery

4 May

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My Kitchen Rules cousins Jac and Shaz allegedly stormed off the set in tears after being tricked into thinking they’d won the Big Prize.

According to Woman’s Day, the show’s producers filmed two alternate endings for tonight’s finale — one with Jac and Shaz losing and the other with Will and Steve getting stuck in a pressure cooker and broiling to death.

“Everyone else on set, including Will and Steve, were fully aware that two endings were being filmed,” said a Woman’s Day source.

“It was like common knowledge but Jac’s got a brain the size of a tadpole and Shaz was so rotten drunk she couldn’t remember the ingredients for spag bol.”

After filming their winning segment, the cousins from Mt. Isa were reportedly shocked to discover that Will and Steve were still alive and able to fondle their girlfriends.

“Jac and Shaz burst into tears, and their families, who were in the audience, got very upset too,” said the source.

“They went from the highest high to all of a sudden feeling robbed and they stormed off the set.”

“They were furious, and I can understand why. One minute two English blokes are falling off the bone, the next they’re alive and well and about to spend their prize money!’

The cousins secured their place in the MKR grand final after destroying Eva and Debra in last night’s semi-final – clearly giving them the taste for blood.

It’s common for reality TV shows to film alternate endings to avoid the big surprise being leaked.

‘Last year two alternate endings were filmed’ confirms an MKR source.   ‘One had Chloe and Kelly losing, and the other showed Jessica smashing Bree’s ginormous teeth in with a fry pan and shitting herself.’

‘That one was my favourite.’

Oh, lovers – the drama! the scandal! the sheer numbskullery!

xo Flawless

(click here for the real deal if you must)


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