MKR – It’s All About the Hemsworth

25 Jan

hemsworth mkr

So it’s come to our attention that the slightly busty blonde on the right is a relative of the man who took the character of Thor and made it synonymous with women of all ages rubbing their vaginas.

Rico reckons the addition of a Hemsworth to MKR will only be worthwhile if the camera men give us plenty of close-ups of him cracking sauce bottles with his thighs and carrying ginormous slabs of meat glistening with olive oil (him, not the meat) up a mountain side.

The Dog disagrees and says it’s important this creature demonstrate sound cooking skills and only then can we really enjoy the sight of Hemsworth the Farmer bending over to pick up a fork while Manu fans himself with a napkin.

Personally I’ve never been a fan of the Hemsworth brothers’ looks: Chris has the tendency to look pale and squinty and if he’d just kept himself out of the gym he could easily have carved himself a niche playing suspicious-looking janitors.  Liam, on other hand, has a certain eyebrow situation that almost makes me forget that he used to voluntarily have relations with a demonic hillbilly.

Still, you can’t argue with enormous muscles because enormous muscles will beat you and no-one likes to chew their fillet steak in the foetal position with a mouthful of busted teeth.

The countdown is on, lovers!

xo Flawless


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