Bachelor Blake’s Mother: ‘Yes! My Son’s a Doll-Rooter!’

14 Oct

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The mother of Bachelor Blake Garvey has hit out at attacks portraying her son as ‘a pathetic loser’ and told of her ‘deep worries’ for his future.

Speaking for the first time, Andrea Garvey defended the 31-year old real estate agent and occasional skin pimp, saying accusations he keeps ten Cabbage Patch Dolls on his bed are ‘true – but so fucking what?’.

Pleading for the ‘mud-slinging’ to stop amid fears for his reputation and career prospects, she told Daily Mail Australia the ten dolls are actually part of a 50-strong collection of ‘girlfriends’ that Blake cycles through when he strikes out down at the clubs.

Referring to a story in the latest issue of Woman’s Day magazine in which an ex-girlfriend claims they split after she saw soft toys lined up on his bed, Ms Garvey, 48, a web designer, said:

‘Like THAT’S the reason!  He stuffs a whole chicken down his pants just so he has a bulge!’

And as for the dolls:

‘It’s not like he cuddles them or shit – he roots them and roots them HARD!  Saying otherwise makes him out to be a pathetic loser and a mummy’s boy when he’s all of those things and so much more!’

Andrea says she’s determined to set the record straight about the dolls which she has collected for him over a number of years.

‘He has around 50 dolls,’ she explains, ‘Cabbage Patch ones, Ellowyne Wilde ones and Korean ones, and Crissy dolls. They’re in the guest room because his bedroom is right next to mine and all that hammering was keeping me up at night.’

Perth-born Blake has been at the centre of a media furore since he announced he’d split with his reality TV show fiancee Sam Frost 24-hours after the show finale which saw him propose.  According to Andrea, Blake is currently on holiday with male pals in South Australia to escape prospective house buyers trying to shove coins into his thong during auctions.

‘His bosses have agreed to let him keep the commissions of some sales but have taken his name off listings and auctions until he agrees to go full-frontal.’ she says.  ‘Which I think is hilarious considering they don’t exactly hand out binoculars HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!’

Meanwhile, Sam is preparing to embark on a new modelling career having signed with Melbourne’s Brazen Models.  She is also considering hosting new show The Bachelorette over Osher’s cold, lifeless corpse.

xo Flawless

(p.s – if you missed the original article you can read it here)

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