Nicole Trunfio Pioneers the Fistagram

7 Jul


You know, Rico and I poured long and hard (no pun intended (we’re lying)) over the above photo because, really, it wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve jumped to conclusions and taken a completely innocent situation and run it up the slut pole.

Anyhoo, we really did try to come up with an alternative explanation that would shed some sort of G-rated truth on the matter, but at the end of a very long, very drunk day, we were forced to admit that what we had always assumed would be eventually done by Miranda Kerr, has actually been done by Nicole Trunfio: the very first Instagram Fistagram.

Speaking of Miranda Kerr, we do hope she’s not taking this all too hard because it’s not been long since those rumours about Orlando comparing her performance to that of a younger model, and could this be the thing that sends her over the edge?

Rico reckons ‘no’ because whoever is delivering Nicole’s lazy Sunday morning delight is clearly in only up to the wrist – and we all know Miranda Kerr would have demanded up to the shoulder AND included a snap of James Packer’s yacht in the background for good measure.

Still, what Nicole has done is something Bindi Irwin tried to do only weeks ago: show young girls how to pose for photos that they can display proudly on their mantlepieces well into retirement. Well-played Nicole!

xo Flawless


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