Speaking of 2 Watermelons Fighting to the Death

6 Jan

Rico reckons this is an interesting assessment.

A Frank Appraisal



I don’t like this.  I don’t recognise the material but I have a feeling if I tried to motorboat it I’d get cauldron rash.  Cauldron rash is unpleasant.  Just like this picture.  Since when is bloated Astro Boy ass good looking.  I hate Astro.  One of the first thoughts I had when I realised my man-meat had been replaced with 12 inches of solid titanium was ‘I hate Astro’.  I still think that a lot.  He still talks about how he beat Boron like it wasn’t just a big publicity machine whitewash.  The only reason I liked his sister was because she told me he was a ‘little cunt’ once when she was drunk.  I don’t drink much anymore.  Last time I got drunk I forgot to oil my groin and I got a rust period.  I bet if Astro got a rust period he’d try and get free tampons.  That’s just what…

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