Kanye West Pays Actual Money For This

18 Dec

Kim Kardashian meets her sisters Khloe and Kourtney, with Scott Disick, for lunch at Monty's in South Beach

So making us all reach for the chunder trough in the news today was the tidy little factoid that Kanye likes to lay down a cool $250 000 A DAY to make North’s mother look like she just spilled out of the pages of What the FUCK is That!? monthly.

Yes, just like the sweet little Santa-looka-like from Jurassic Park, Kanye likes to ‘spare no expense’ – only instead of laying down his billfold for genetically engineered dinosaurs, he’s handing over the plastic for the kind of outfits that were obviously waaaaay too drunk to leave the drawing board.

Rico reckons this is just more proof that Kanye has been sucking a little too hard on his own dick, because who hires the same ‘style team’ responsible for Demi Moore’s 1989 Oscar’s dress and doesn’t at least let the cheque bounce?

xo Flawless


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