Big Brother Breaking News: Tahaaaaan More of a Lesbian Than Turn-Coat Tully!

30 Sep

Big Brother - Tahlia Farrant Take Note: Tahaaaan Kissed a GIRL!  (And Modelled Slutty Undies)

Rico reckons we have been really neglectful of Tahaaan lately so what better way to make it up to her than to give her a post all to herself?

Thanks to ex HM Rohaaaaan’s Twitter, we discovered that all that wholesome rubbish the BB producers cranked out in Tahaaaan’s introductory video was just a smoke screen for the plethora of slutty fabulousness that is Tahaaaan and her up-to-now modelling career:

But not only that, according to the pages of some family-friendly publication, Tahaaaan has done a little nightclub pash-work that could soon have Tahlia out of the post-Tully blues and into the arms of Australia’s favourite wedgie model.

Rico reckons I’m being a mean-spirited cunt and that winning Miss Big Brother 2013 was a superb achievement and it’s not Tahaaaan’s fault that her career started off as one of Picture Magazine’s home girls (it is). He also reckons Tahlia could do a hell of a lot worse than Tahaaan because Lindsay Lohan is still alive and sweet Christ let’s not forget about Delta Goodrem.

Anyhoo, one thing we do agree on is that Tahaaan’s toughness in the ice bath challenge obviously came from being able to squat with an ass crack packed with man-made fibre without shedding a single tear, and that this skill no doubt comes in extremely handy with her race car driving boyfriend.

co Flawless


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