X-Factor – Live Show # 4

16 Sep

Well a whole day’s snarking wasted because this computer is an unreliable fucker.

Because I don’t have time to start again, here’s a short, pissed off summary:

Ellie – looked like a full goon-bag on too high heels. Sang like shit. Sit the FUCK down Red Foo.

Joelle – Red Foo is fucking with you. Don’t expect Pink to return your calls. Awful.

Jordan – Dreadful. Another graduate of the school of overracting and Foo’s fuckery. Dannii’s tits liked it.

Jai – His mum has a scrunchy perm. Enough said. Dannii’s tits liked it.

Omar – Started weak, ended better, whothefuckisDemiLovato. Dannii’s tits liked it.

Taylor – Dad freaks you out? Don’t blame you. Poor.

JTR – Who told Toadie he could rap? Diabolical. Dannii’s tits liked it.

Third Degree – Who told Kellebek she could sing? Diabolical.

Dami – Would it kill you to lick your damn teeth every once in a while? Dannii’s tits like it.

I’m too shat off even to make a prediction but Rico reckons Ellie, Joelle or Jordan need to go just to teach that psychotic pimp lord, Foo, a lesson.


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