Big Brother 2013 Housemate Sneak Peak: Sharon

25 Jul

Big Brother 2013 Housemate Sneak Peak:  Sharon

Meet Housemate number 3: Sharon. According to the BB footage, she’s a rather harassed mother of 3 who is entering the BB house because 250 thousand in change will be a rather super thing for her family.

Rico, who is already well into is his third mug of port by this stage, mutters that all this talk of money is just an excuse and this bitch is going into the house for the one thing she hasn’t had since the first day she squeezed a head out of a too-small hole: sleep!

Anyhoo, aside from being a mother of three, poor Shazza is rather sad that she and hubs haven’t a chance to go out to dinner and that 250 thousand cold, hard ones should be enough for them to hire a hatchet-faced nanny who smells like beetroot so that they can fuck off to Bali for a couple of weeks of sun, sand and haggling with the financially destitute locals.

Rico reckons that, once in the house, it will take about three seconds for Shazza to whip out of her ponytail and throw her glasses in the trash along with the photos of her husband and children, because he can smell a mid-life crisis even when it’s smothered in bacon, and if she isn’t BFFs with the biggest slut in the house in T-minus 4 days then he’ll eat his hat WITHOUT a side of methylated spirits.

xo Flawless


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